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Title Insurance and Real Estate Closing Services

From transaction involving entire rental portfolios to those involving your first home, our Attorneys are eager to provide the guidance and oversight necessary to protect your interests, close the deal, and insure your title. While other title companies provide closing services and title insurance for the same exact or higher fees, closing with us means an attorney will always be conducting the transaction, and issuing your title insurance policy.  Having an attorney conduct your closing and examine your title provides a distinct advantage.  Where your average title company may have employees trained to fill out forms and highlight potential issues, we have the right to write your agreements and experience litigating title issues in court. If you would like more information about our closing services, or would like our attorneys to close your deal and insure your title, call us today or schedule a consultation online. 

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects you from monetary losses in the event you encounter a covered legal defect effecting your ownership in property. Title defects are common enough for many states to require every residential real estate transaction to be conducted with title insurance. Where common types of insurance are beneficial if the unexpected happens, the greatest benefit of  title insurance typically lies in the examination of your title prior to purchase, where any potential defects should be uncovered and fixed long before your closing. 

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Unique and Special Services

We offer services such as mobile closings for clients who would rather conduct a closing in the comfort of their own offices at no additional charge and contract review of any purchase and sale agreement prior to signing. We also provide non-traditional title insurance services such as policies for foreclosures. Our clients are our focus and we do all that we can for their convenience and protection,