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Landlord-Tenant Legal Services

Our Attorneys assist commercial and residential landlords with mitigating the risks and consolidating the legal expenses commonly associated with the landlord business in order to help realize greater and more secure profits.



Landlord-Tenant Attorney Services Chart


Understanding Your Duties and Rights

Florida law imposes various duties on landlords and limits what a landlord can and cannot do in many circumstances. Not understanding your duties and the tenant’s rights exposes you to liability for wrongful evictions, reckless endangerment, breach of warranty, and slumlord liability. We provide sound counsel with regard to your legal duties and the tenant’s rights in order to guide you through sticky situations and achieve the most advantages results. We are always available to answer our clients’ questions because they may require immediate actions.  

The Lease Agreement

Every landlord-tenant relationship should start with a solid lease agreement. We draft individualized custom tailored lease agreements to fit every landlords unique set of circumstances and needs. Many choose to use pre-ordered form agreement they find on the internet or at their local hardware store, only to find out they include unenforceable provisions that do not actually conform with Florida Landlord-Tenant law after it is too late. Having a valid and enforceable lease could save you thousands of dollars in litigation costs, help to effectively limit your liability, and protect your investment. 

The Business Structure

Renting your property to another exposes you to various levels of liability, including but not limited to liability for the commonly filed law suits for injuries occurring on the property and mold related illnesses. It is important to protect your personal assets as well as other business assets from exposure to the same liability. We assist with implementing business structures and asset protection vehicles that can effectively limit the exposure of these risks. We evaluate your current business and customize an effective model to isolate risks in a manner that is manageable in your circumstances. 

Consolidating Legal Expenses

Our business model allows us to help landlords limit their legal expenses. Foremost, our clients do not see charges commonly associated legal representation as we do not charge for in-house costs such as printing, copying, stapling, scanning and many other like charges; for us, that is just our cost of doing business.  Furthermore, many of our services such as eviction, demand, and lease drafting services are provided on an affordable, fixed, flat-fee basis. Additionally, our long-term engagement opportunities, or as we call them our virtual in-house counsel agreements, allow you to fix the cost of professional legal services at a reduced hourly rate and guarantee the availability of your attorney that knows your business.