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Real Estate Law Practice and Services

Our attorneys apply a comprehensive approach to protect and enforce your interests in residential, commercial, and tangible property that you own or seek to acquire. Real Estate is a primary asset for most individuals and many Jacksonville businesses; and, your interests in real property assets can affect almost every facet of your life and business. For many, this may only include personal and residential property; your home and personal belongings. For business owners, this often includes all three and preparing for the future where each of those interests intersect.  Protecting those interests, whether for the future or after a problem has arisen, is always a vitally matter and sometimes an urgent one.  Our attorneys have experience representing real estate investors in every aspect of their business, and are prepared to apply their skills, no matter the type of property interests you own, with dedication to protecting, securing, and enforcing your interests.

Common Real Estate Services

•   Abandoned Property   •   Asset Protection   •   Business Structuring   •   Condominium Association Disputes   •   Custom Lease Drafting   •   Demand   •   Foreclosure   •   Ejectment   •   Eviction   •   Homeowners Association Disputes   •    Liability Review   •   Litigation   •   Notes and Mortgages   •    Owner Financing   •    Purchase and Sale  Agreements   •   Title Disputes   •   Trespass   •    Quiet Title   •   Zoning and Regulation  •     

Real Estate Attorney Services Chart

Real Property

Real Property includes real estate and other immovable property. Whether you are looking to acquire, transfer, sell, or protect your real property, our firm can help guide you through each step of the process and make sure your best interests are being cared for. Common issues our firm handles are: purchases and sales of real property, foreclosures, zoning and development compliance, leases, landlord-tenant issues, Florida’s Homestead Exemptions, encumbrances, and investment real property. We also handle a myriad of other issues, so please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about your real property interests.

Tangible and Personal Property

Personal property includes almost every type of property a person owns that is not their home. For most people, personal property issues may never arise during their life. However, for those who often interact with securities, negotiable instruments, and particular items of substantial worth, personal property issues are much more probable to occur. The ambit of issues that can arise are too long to list, but our firm is prepared to protect our clients’ interests at any point during any issue.

Commercial Property

For business owners, protecting your interests in the assets of your business can become equally important and complex as your business grows. Often, success becomes a double edged sword creating new issues and concerns for a growing business. Whether you are a new business planning for your future success, or an established business with the welcome problem of growth, protecting the assets of your business is an important step forward. Our firm can help in a variety of ways, and we are dedicated to creating customized solutions for each of our clients. Our lawyers take a hands on approach to learn the specific needs of your business inside and out. The solutions we provide for business owners are two fold; protecting your assets in the realities of today’s marketplace, and ensuring continued protection for whatever the future may hold. Common examples of the services we offer are: asset vehicles through separate entities (LLC’s and Corporations), solutions for high risk assets, reviewing and negotiating commercial leases, reviewing and negotiating commercial real estate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, formation of new business entities, business restructuring, business compliance with state and federal regulation, and comprehensive review of existing business practices. Our solutions often include a combination of the above and many other approaches not listed here.


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