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Trademark, Copyright, and Trade Secret Law Practice and Services

All businesses have Intellectual property interests, our attorneys help to protect and further our clients rights in these interests such as trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  Many businesses do not realize the value or extent of their rights in trademarks, copyright, or trade-secrets. They do not seize opportunities to protect their name, good-will, or creative content and most do not realize they can protect their ideas and plans from being misappropriated. Through registration, guidance, and litigation our attorneys help our clients to both understand their intellectual property rights and achieve the maximum benefits therefrom. 

Common Intellectual Property Law Services

  • Acquisitions   
  • Agreements
  • Assignments
  • Cease and Desists
  • Compliance
  • Counseling
  • Demands
  • Disputes
  • Enforcement
  • Guidance
  • Licencing
  • Litigation 
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Registration
  • Response
  • Review
  • Search  
Trademark, Copyright, Trade-Secret Attorney


Protecting your business or your product includes protecting your good will with your customers. Trademark protection is a key defense against other businesses or individuals trying to tarnish the relationship you have with your customers. Our firm can help you file and obtain Trademark protection for your business and many other important assets. This can also include opposing a proposed trademark by another, and enforcing your trademark rights when they have been infringed.


Copyright protection helps protect your interest in the works of art you fix in a physical medium as well as written content. For most, this includes music, film, physical art, literature, interactive media, and many other types. Our firm can help you file and obtain a copyright in your work, as well as enforce those rights when a dispute arises. We are also available to help you license or assign those rights, and defend you if someone has wrongfully accused you of infringement.


Trade Secrets give businesses a competitive edge in the marketplace because they are unknown by competitors. Almost anything can be a trade secret if its economic value is based on its unknown status; examples include formulas, processes, recipes, customer lists, databases, business models. Unlike other forms of intellectual property, trade secrets are creatures of common law and state legislation and have various requirements to maintain their trade secret status. Our firm helps businesses of all sizes protect and ensure the continued protection of their trade secrets through transaction specific contracts and internal best business practices. We also enforce our clients' trade secret rights when litigation becomes necessary to protect their businesses.