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Law Firm Overview


McEwen DuBovis P.A. is an innovative Northeast Florida Business and Real Estate Law Firm with offices located in Fruit Cove, Jacksonville, Florida.  Lawyers Vladimir DuBovis and Logan McEwen founded the firm on their principles with a mission of providing an actual value to clients through producing the highest quality work product and providing the most thorough representation in the practice areas of business law, real property law, and intellectual property law. The Attorneys at McEwen DuBovis P.A. services clients in Florida and in Federal proceedings throughout the United States and are always willing to discuss or consult by phone or internet for clients who are outside of our area.

Our Firm is able to provide a wide range of legal services through our emphasis on thorough research and understanding of the evolving legal landscape. Whether you are in the business of real property, intellectual property, interactive media, licensing, or a myriad of other industries, we are here to serve you.


Law Firm Principles to Practices Chart

Who We Are

Vladimir DuBovis and Logan McEwen's shared detail oriented approach and desire to influence positive change in legal the legal industry lead to the founding of McEwen DuBovis P.A. Our drive is to make top tier legal representation no longer a “premium” service, but a service that every client is entitled to receive. To help further our common goals, we created a law firm that responds to common complaints about the industry and changes in the market.

Why We Are Different

The firm is a product of the information age and is founded on two principles: every client is owed the most thorough and zealous representation, and that representation must be informed by the increasing frequency of change. Those two principles have driven us to bring a new business model to legal representation.

How We Are Able to Cut Costs

We take advantage of every possible new technology and process to represent our clients and limit costs. This allows us to reduce our billing to work performed on behalf of our clients. At McEwen DuBovis P.A., our clients don’t see the normal office and administrative costs commonly associated with legal representation. We also place great emphasis on communication, so phone calls under thirty minutes are not billed to our clients. The increase in communication not only allows us to better know and understand your issues, but ensures that we are always in line with your goals.

How We Can Assist

Our attorneys represent businesses in a wide array of activities, from formation to litigation. Whether you are in the business of goods, real property, or intellectual property, we are here to serve your interests and needs. Our unique, long-term representation model can help to substantially reduce your annual legal costs and protect you from unnecessary liabilities. We offer many preventative legal services such as transactional review services, contract drafting services, and business organization review that can help protect your business and assets for the long term. We are also proud to represent our clients in the court room with a diligent eye on procedure and stern dedication to staying up to date on the ever changing legal landscape.